Panel / Display cable
LVDS/eDP Cable 
Hi-Speed ,differential transmission ,Precision impedance and Hi-EMI shielding performance. This is not only for LCD TVs but also for dispalys of various devices such as PC, comsumer device, copy machine, medical device etc.  
  • Connector :  1.0mm pitch / 0.5mm pitch
                            Position no: 20Pin/ 30pin/21pin/31pin/41pin/51pin 
                            With or w/o Lock type
                            Crimp or Solder type 
                            with or w/o shell type               
  • Cable: UL1354 coaixal cable/ UL10064 Teflon cable/ UL20276/Eelctrical wires 
  • Length: on Requested
  • OEM Buseinss support